Living a Little


4 - 28 August


6:55 pm


Underbelly Cowgate

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With not a zombie in sight, we are taken into a sanctuary of "normality" while the outside world rots...

In a secure flat, complete with a TV, a sound system, video games and enough alcohol to host a Scottish wedding, we meet Rob, an ill-mannered, politically incorrect Scottish lad and Paul, a very chirpy, kind-hearted Northerner.

The arrival of battle- hardened Penelope disrupts the status quo as she challenges their way of life whilst seeking relative comfort and safety after living out in the wild of a zombie apocalypse.

Penelope may be a fighter and a survivor, but what’s the point of surviving if you’re not going to live a little?


Written by Finlay Bain

Directed by Jordan Murphy


“It’s pretty impressive how many subtle themes are cleverly sewn into the plot, a testament to the strong writing that makes Living a Little so much more than an offbeat comedy. This is a fresh and brave exploration of friendship which is both touching and hilarious in equal measure, it’s well written and beautifully performed.” - Theatre Weekly  ★★★★★

“Led by Murphy's clear vision for the show, the company tells an acutely hilarious and socially aware story encompassing true friendship, eccentric coping methods, and a broader reflection on humanity” - Broadway World  ★★★★

Winner of the Origins Award at The Vault Festival for Outstanding New Work

Presented By

Riot House Theatre


60 Minutes


Scenes of a sexual nature, Scenes of violence, Strong language/swearing


Tickets from



For more information on accessibility and to book tickets, please contact the box office on 0131 510 0395 or

Important Information

Age Category: 14 and above (14+)
Age Category Type: Guideline
Venue Number: 61
Venue Box Office Number: 0131 510 0395
Festival URL:
Babes in Arms: Babies do not require a ticket - Children under 2 years

For more information on accessibility and to book tickets, please contact the box office on 0131 510 0395 or


“Living a Little is incredibly funny, in fact it’s downright hilarious” ★★★★★

Theatre Weekly

"Unique and genuinely hilarious" ★★★★★


“Sharp, witty and moving… A writer to keep an eye on” ★★★★

The Stage

“An absolute joy to watch” ★★★★★

The Break A Leggers

“Living a Little is a riot from start to finish" ★★★★

Broadway World

"Exquisite... A night out not to be missed” ★★★★

West End Wilma

“The piece had the audience howling” ★★★★

London Theatre 1

"The perfect balance between hilarity and pathos” ★★★★

Reviews Hub

"Funny, likeable and incredibly entertaining” ★★★★

Remote Goat

"Top-notch cast” ★★★★

Act Drop

“Living a Little is a superb piece of theatre"

Savage Journal

“Thirkell is instantly likeable as Paul"

I Watch Plays And Stuff

“Bain steps into the role of Rob with wolverine ferocity” ★★★★

West End Wilma

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